Clans and Societies

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Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival Clans and Societies

The RGVCF is pleased to offer up "Clan Row" which is booth upon booth of Clan and Society people and information. Come find your Clan by visiting our special vendor Family Surnames, hosted by the McLintocks, located by the north entrance to Vendor Row.

Clans and Societies from 2017:
Clans: Armstrong, Buchanan, Cameron, Campbell, Donald, Douglas, Hamilton, Lamont, MacDuff, MacGregor, MacKenzie, Moffat, Morrison, Muir, Munro, Routledge.         

Societies: Albuquerque Folk Festival, Amtgard, Celtic Singers, Irish American Society, Irish Freedom Committee, Las Aranas Spinners & Weavers, St. Andrew Scottish Society, Scandanavian Club, Scottish American Military Society, Welsh Society.