About Us

The Rio Grande Valley Celtic Association represents the united efforts of New Mexico’s Celtic community to celebrate and foster traditional Celtic culture of the 5 Nations: Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Brittany, Manx and Galicia. Each year, the Association hosts a Festival that engages Celtic dance, athletics, games, music, arts, history and oral traditions that promote Celtic heritage in New Mexico.  As funding permits, grants are awarded for education of individuals or groups whose objective promotes Celtic heritage.  

Co Director  - Grant Oliver                             Piping - Sue Jacobi

Co Director - Pete McKenna                          Dance - Emma Trentman

Secretary - Pat Lauffenberger                           Athletics - Chad Thompson

Treasurer - Nancy Kerr                                    Dogs - Jerry and Candy Beck

Vendors - Derek Kerr                                      Children's Area - Cory Meyer

Clans - Sharon Busboom                                 Volunteers - Lee Peters